Farhad zafari


Farhad zafari is the manager of the Company iranchef MFB

and coffee shop sadaf and established the first insttitute in iran for teaching Coffee-Shop and

Cocking foods management based on international methods .

he has written the books of 'World of dessert'

( Coffee books , Food books , Hotel books , teaching of coffee shop and hotels )


Standard Coffee Shop in IRAN:

Farhad zafari is presently the chairman of coffe shop

keepers Union.He says: We are inteded to rate the coffee shop and their menus based om

observation of the health standards , law perrnits nember of seats and so on .

information coffee iran


standard coffee shop
farhad zafari is presentli the chairman of coffee -shop keepers union he we are intended to rate the coffee-shop and their menus based on observation of the health standards low permits num ber of seats and so on .

iranian coppuccino
this kind of coppuccino has been initiated by farhad zafari sadaf coffee shop such coppuccino is prepared for those people who are sensitive to milk thy foam in this kind of coffee is coffee is coffee foam instead of milk foam .the makinng way is mixing one and half of spoon full coffee with cold water and boiling them until the foam comes up. then the foam is collected out and ready espresso is added....


making turk coffee
a spoonful .middle size spoon..of coffee one and a half spoonful sugar and a cup of cold water should be mixed and boild until the foam begins to disappear.

farhad zafari is the manager of sadaf coffee shop and estab lished the first institute in iran for teaching coffee shop management bosed on international methods he has written the books of world of desserts volumes 1 and 2 sadaf napkin world of pizza and sadaf treasure.

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